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Meter Installation Deadline Nearing

High capacity wells (wells that pump over 50 gpm) located in the Government Survey Northeast Quarter of every section must be meterd by December 31, 2014.
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FY 2budget graph015 Budget Approved at September Meeting

At their September 9 Meeting the Little Blue NRD Board of Directors Approved the FY 2015 Budget in the amount of $ 3,299,960 with a tax levy requirement of 2.2885.
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**Reminder: No Fertilizer Application Before November 1

No fertilizer application is permitted before November 1 in the Little Blue NRD. If applying liquid or dry fertilizer between November 1 and March 1 don't forget a permit must be obtained before application can begin.
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New Groundwater Rules In Place

New groundwater rules and regulations for the District became effective May 12, 2014.
Information on Rules Implementation
Little Blue NRD Groundwater Rules and Regulations
Flow Meter Program

NRD Groundwater Rules Clarification

Stay Placed on Well Drilling in Poor Aquifer Areas

Action was taken by the Board of Directors that placed a "stay" on the drilling of high-capacity irrigation wells in the "Aquifers Less Than 10 Feet" areas of the District.
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Permanent Stay Map
District Risk Area Map
Detailed Risk Map (West)
Detailed Risk Map (Central)
Detailed Risk Map (East)

map Hydrology Study and Maps of the Little Blue NRD Now Available

Please click the "Hydrogeologic Study" button at right and learn about the land and water resources of the District.

Conservation Awards Announced

Distict is Conducting Field Inspections on Flow Meters

Little Blue River Restoration Project News Release

2012-2013 Annual Report

2011-2012 Annual Report

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