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Attention Rural Water Project Customers

Water use on the Little Blue Public Water Project for June 25, 26, and 27 remained steady at 200,000 gallons a day. A level where the project is not asking for any voluntary reductions.  The Project cautiously maintains the request at Stage One: Water Watch, asking for heightened awareness of demand to maintain integrity of the system and avoid spikes in flows which might near the limits of the agreement with the City of Fairbury.  Please look for the next update early afternoon Wednesday, June 29th.

Flow Meter Installation Schedule

New Groundwater Rules and Regulations became effective May 12, 2014 which requires all high capacity wells which pump over 50 gpm have a flow meter installed on them.
meterThe following schedule of installation was adopted:
Northeast quarter section must be metered by December 31, 2014
Northwest quarter section must be metered by September 30, 2015
Southwest quarter section must be metered by June 30, 2016
Southeast quarter section must be metered by March 31, 2017

Groundwater Rules Summary
Flow Meter Fact Sheet

Little Blue NRD Groundwater Rules and Regulations
Visit the Little Blue NRD Flow Meter Page

Spring Static Water Level Information

Spring 2016 Water Level Report
Water Level Graphs

Lone Star Beach

Recreation Areas are Ready for Another Busy Season

This District's public recreation areas are ready for a busy summer.
Visit our Recreation page to see our locations and what they have to offer.

Watershed Management Plan Completed

The Little Blue and Tri Basin NRD's Watershed Management Plan to address water quality and quantity is now complete and available to the public.
ittle Blue River Basin Water Management Plan page

Stay Placed on Well Drilling in Poor Aquifer Areas

Action was taken by the Board of Directors that placed a "stay" on the drilling of high-capacity irrigation wells in the "Aquifers Less Than 10 Feet" areas of the District.
Read the entire article
Permanent Stay Map
District Risk Area Map
Detailed Risk Map (West)
Detailed Risk Map (Central)
Detailed Risk Map (East)

Distict is Conducting Field Inspections on Flow Meters

2013 - 2014 Annual Report

2012-2013 Annual Report

2011-2012 Annual Report

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