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District Staff

The District employs nine full-time professional staff responsible for carrying out the directives of the Board of Directors.  Three full-time and two part-time secretaries as well as one Technician are also employed and serve as District contacts in the five local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offices which lie within the District. The Rural Water Projects employ two part-time employees.



Mike Onnen, General Manager
Mike oversees the general administration of the District as well as personnel management, budget, project development, District planning/policy and Legislative activities.


Donnie Engelhardt, Assistant Manager
Donnie's duties includes administration of the Groundwater Quality Plan, groundwater quality programs, project development support, planning, budget & finance, livestock waste permits review as well as data management and systems administrator.

Jamie Benes, District Secretary

Jamie's duties include Receptionist and Secretarial tasks, Records Management, Wellness Program, maintaining mailing lists and producing mailings.

Jed Bergen, NRD Technician
Jed assists with chemigation inspections, water sampling, meter maintenance, groundwater department inventory and ultrasonic meter testing.

Alicia Epps, Database Specialist
Alicia is the District's Database Specialist. She prepares, compiles and sorts documents for data entry and then enters the data into the Districts database. She draws information from the database for reports.

Marie Herbek, Administrative Secretary
Marie is the Districts bookkeeper, oversees the audit, is in charge the accounts receivable & payable, Public Water Projects accounts bookkeeping, computer data, secretarial and recepetionist.

Elysabeth Kierl, Media & Communications Specialist
The Programs Manager's duties include Information and Education, maintain the District webpage, administer awards programs, recycling.

Dylan Long, Watershed Coordinator
Dylan's responsibilities are Watershed Plan implementation, groundwater recharge projects, GIS mapping, database assistance and wellhead protection activities, Cost share programs.

James Oltmans, Water Resources Technician
Jim is in charge of chemigation, assists with water sampling, ultrasonic meter testing, operator BMP promotion and new meter certification.

Kevin Orvis, Project's Manager
Kevin oversees the District's Water Quantity Management Plan, water meter maintenance, static water levels, new well permits, drainage and surface water and is the Rural Water Projects Manager.

Kent Thompson, Operations Supervisor
Kent is in charge of the Tree Program, Watershed maintenance, Recreation Area maintenance, Buffer Strip Program, Wildlife Habitat and equipment maintenance.

NRCS Field Office Staff

Patsy Ord, Nuckolls County NRCS Secretary
Sylvia Jividen, Fillmore County NRCS Secretary
Melanie McPherson, Thayer County NRCS Secretary
Paula Schultz, Jefferson County NRCS Secretary
Lynetta Snelling, Webster County NRCS Secretary
Rachelle Tompkin, Clay County NRCS Secretary
Robin Leichty, Adams County NRCS Secretary
Christine Zabokrtsky, NRCS Technician in Jefferson County

Rural Water Employees

Bruce Dux, Water Project Superintendent
Paula Schultz, Local Bookkeeper