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Flood Control Projects

Flood Control Projects have been built across the District to reduce flooding and flood damages to downstream landowners. The Little Blue NRD promotes, sponsors and constructs flood control structures as well as practices which reduce runoff and increases infiltration. This results is a reduction of damage to lives and property from flood water.

Take a look at a few of the projects constructed in the Little Blue NRD.

Hebron Road Dam
  • Constructed in 1976 on the North edge of Hebron, Thayer CountyHebron Road Dam
  • Drainage acres are 686
  • Permanent pool: 18 acres, flood pool: 37.5 acres
  • Permanent storage: 129 ac. ft., flood storage: 251 ac. ft.
  • Total storage: 380 acre feet
  • The project has provided considerable flood control benefits to the City of Hebron
Hastings Northwest Project
  • Constructed in 1981 northwest of Hastings, Adams CountyHastings Northwest
  • Drainage acres are 2,295
  • Permanent pool: 41.8 acres, flood pool: 186.2 acres
  • Permanent storage: 156.8 ac. ft., flood storage: 811.4 ac. ft.
  • The purpose of this project is to provide flood control for the City of Hastings
  • Constructed in 1982 on the USDA Meat Animal Research Center MARC dam near Clay Center, Clay County
  • Drainage area is 42.2 sq. miles
  • Permanent pool: 330 acres, flood pool: 800 acres
  • Permanent storage: 850 ac. ft., flood storage: 5,650 ac. ft.
  • The purpose of this structure is flood control and groundwater rechargeMARC dam aerial





Bruning Dam
  • Constructed in 1983 northeast of Bruning in FillBruning dammore County
  • Drainage acres: 27,008
  • Surface acres: 258.6
  • Flood storage: 6,706.4 ac. ft.
  • The purpose of this dam is flood control, groundwater recharge and wildlife enhancement
Dam Site 40
  • Constructed in 2008 in Thayer CountySite 40
  • Drainage acres: 14,528
  • Surface acres: 146.4
  • Flood storage: 362.6 ac. ft.
  • The purpose of this dam is flood control and groundwater recharge
Dam Site 73
  • Located in Saline County, 1 mile west of Tobiassite 73
  • Drainage Area: 3,994 acres
  • Permanent Pool: 56.43 acres, 345.43 acre feet
  • Flood Pool:1,203.64 ac. ft.
  • Flood Detention Storage: 858.21 ac. ft.
  • The purpose of this dam is flood contro. livestock waterl and wildlife