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High School Scholarships

The NRD offers seniors in high school and juniors in college the opportunity to apply for a $500 schoscholarshiplarship. They must major in a specified natural resources field with a 2 or 4 year degree. An applicant must reside or originate from within the NRD boundary to be eligible. Six scholarships will be given each spring to students from six different schools. 

Applications are sent out to every school in the District.

Youth Scholarships

Students that plan to attend an environmental development camp during the summer may apply for a grant. Other workshops may be considered pending review by the NRD staff. The amount of a grant will vary and will be distributed throughout a seven-county area.

Application forms are sent to all county extension offices and made available to students.

Teacher Workshop Scholarships

Teachers that hold a position within the boundaries of the Little Blue NRD may apply for grant funds toward an environmental workshop. The grant amount is $25.

Teachers interested in the funding can write a letter briefly describing the workshop and mail it to the NRD for consideration. Teachers who receive a grant are asked to send a copy of the total receipt of the workshop to the NRD.

The NRD also offers environmental education resource materials, activities and special events throughout the seven-county District. If you have an idea, never say never, just ask.