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Little Blue River Water Basin Management Plan - 2015

The Little Blue and Tri Basin NRD's are developing the Little Blue River Water Management Plan to address ground and surface water quality and quantity.  Below find the draft of Chapters 1-10 of the plan and a 5-Year Action Plan for review.

We thank the local Steering Committee members who participated in discussions of the resources issues of the Basin and provided excellent feedback as the plan was being developed.  Local Open House Meetings were scheduled around the Basin in August to provide an overview of the plan to Basin residents and provide an opportunity for public questions and comments. 

Complete Version of Management Plan

Chapter 1, Introduction
Chapter 2, General Basin Inventory
Chapter 3, Target Pollutants and Sources
Chapter 4, Areas of Interest Delineation
Chapter 5, Management Practices
Chapter 6, Implementation Approach
Chapter 7, Monitoring and Evaluation
Chapter 8, Information, Education, and Public Participation
Chapter 9, Schedules and Milestones
Chapter 10, Budget and Resources
Appendix A, Action Plan
Appendix B, Stream Assessment