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***Operator Certification Online Training Instructions

The Little Blue NRD’s philosophy regarding groundwater problems is that prevention is less costly than correction. Therefore, the district has adopted programs that emphasize proactive protection of groundwater, rather than a reactive, corrective approach. Since the early 90’s, the district has been monitoring nitrate levels across the district. In certain areas of the district nitrate levels have already exceeded the health standard of 10 parts per million and in other areas contamination seems to be on the rise.

The entire District was declared a Water Quality Level I Management JedArea on July 1, 1996, which emphasizes education on water and fertilizer management. When sampling results show 70% of MCL has been reached for any sampled water constituent in 60% or more of at least 5 sampled wells within an area, the NRD board will take actions to further identify the problem area, establish sub-area boundaries and determine the controls to be implemented. The purpose of establishing a sub-area is to focus management efforts and education in an attempt to halt and/or reverse contaminant trends. A sub-area for Quality controls is defined as an area containing at least five sampled wells within the LBNRD’s well sampling program around which a logical boundary can be drawn. The minimum size of a sub-area shall be sixteen (16) square miles.  The LBNRD currently has five sub-areas within its boundary.

Click on a sub-area below to view the rules and regulations for that area.

subarea map

Sub-Area Reporting Form
Nitrogen Fertilizer Permit May Be Required

Fertilizer Permit
Complete set of Hastings Management Area Rules
Soil Testing Procedures

Online Operator Training

1) Click on Campus Extension Website for Online Operator Training (below)
2) Create new account username and password. You will then be sent an email confirmation and link to begin training
3) In the Search course field enter Irrigation or Nitrogen
4) Select the Irrigation & Nitrogen Course
5) In the Enrollment Key field enter LBNRD and select Enroll me
6) Select Registration Form
7) Select Answer the questions...
8) Complete the form and continue
9) On left side of screen select Irrigation Nitrogen Management
10) Select Little Blue Test & Certificate
11) Complete Section A, C, G, J, L Modules and answer questions
12) Complete Little Blue Powerpoint and Little Blue Certification Quiz
All modules do not have to be completed at once but you will have to log in each time
After completion an email will be sent to the NRD to verify successful completion of the course

Campus Extension Website for online Operator Training

Little Blue NRD Training Presentation (this is part of the online training course)