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Monitoring Well Network

The Little Blue NRD maintains an observation well network to monitor the rises awell monitoringnd declines of static groundwater levels.  Static level is the depth to water from ground surface while the aquifer is not being influenced by pumping.  There are 343 sites that are checked each spring and fall by dropping a steel measuring tape down the space between the well casing and pump column.  The end of the tape is rubbed with chalk, if the tape is dropped to 100 feet and the chalk is wet to two feet, it is 98 feet to water in that well.   The date is recorded and the spring levels compared year to year.  The District has been keeping this data since 1975 and tracking long term trends of the static water level.

Additional wells were installed in the summer and fall of 2010 to track water levels. The intent of developing this Dedicateobservation wellsd Observation Well Network is to install one site per irrigated township in the District.  A water logger will also be installed to record depths to water on a daily basis.

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